Hustle & Twitter Growth: Part 1

Everyone wants the numbers, but we’re not all willing to put in the work. As I refocus on building a sustainable business, one of the things that comes up again and again is social media reach, growth, and engagement.

I only have so much time, but I’m willing to put it to good use. Hustle yields good ROI, after all. So, with the idea that I have to “start somewhere” and just jump in and do it, today is the first of a 60-day experiment on growing my Twitter account.

Yes, I could’ve picked Instagram or Facebook or TikTok or whatever the latest greatest platform is that I’m too much of a boomer (despite being Gen X) to know about. I didn’t. I happen to like Twitter, so that’s where I’m at for now.

I’d originally used my account to follow others I was interested in, but am coming to the realization that it can be an effective tool in my box of writerly tricks. I’m giving this a whirl, following some solid advice, and will see where I end up!

A huge shout-out to Hustle & Conquer, JK Molina, and Jose R. Rosado for the inspiration (and the kick in the butt) needed to get me started.

Today’s where it starts, so here’s where I’m at as of right now:

Check in with me next week to see where I’m at and find out what’s worked and what I’ve completely sucked at.